BENDA Program

Bio-electronic Neuro-Phrostetic Devices for Active Regeneration post CNS injuries

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The World’s Lightest and Smartest “Wear-and-Forget” Companion Device for Ambient Assisted Living

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In complex neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, stroke or spinal cord injuries, a treatment with stem cells may be the sole remaining choice of cure

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Our Mission and Values

To provide innovation in high-tech fields/high-growth sectors requiring multi-disciplinary approaches and know-how.
from bio-electronics, smart sensors and systems to advanced solutions for nano-medicine, cell-therapies, and drug delivery.


Our vision is to innovate within both the health care and medical fields by repositioning state of the art technologies in order to improve people’s quality of life and cost of care.

Research and Innovation

We provide research & development expertise and hands-on experience to support feasibility studies and business innovation.

We work with an experienced team of designers and expert engineers, medical advisors, biologists, material scientists and project managers, allocated as technical staff to each project. This allows an effective and sustainable way to achieve the project goals timely and with the right focus.

We work with third parties in a foundry-based manufacturing scheme to scale-up the products into the global market.

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Latest News

Cambridge, 15 March 2017. CITC Ltd Now Hiring.
We are looking to hire 2 units of personnel with the profiles of:
1) Bio-Medical Engineering Champion
2) Business Development Manager


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Cambridge, 21 February 2017. Press Release.
Personalized Stem Cell Therapies for Diseases of the Central Nervous System – the Translational March Forward


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Cambridge University.  3rd July 2017. Press release.
A team of scientists based at the University of Cambridge have discovered new insights into cellular signalling processes that may lead to....

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