Application Specific Medical Devices (ASMeD)

Personalized diagnostics and therapy

We develop bio-sensors, point of care diagnostics and medical device technologies to help bring personalised medicine out from the lab, to patients and NHS, see e.g. Patch4Life™ project

Smart implants for Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries

Starting from experience and know-how acquired in research projects through extensive tests in murine animal models, we develop and mature technologies for biocompatible and biodegradable smart implants for monitoring and treatment of traumatic diseases affecting the central nervous system, see e.g. BENDA project

Molecular medicine

We develop know-how and help secure translational pathways to novel molecular drug delivery systems, with high potential to become efficient therapies for both rare diseases and diseases affecting large populations, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Stem cells & Gene therapy

Stem-cells are considered the next big thing in regenerative medicine. We are keen to exploit our unique know-how matured in the field to help develop new programmes for use of safe and efficient autologous stem cells that can be harvested from somatic sources and used to treat neurological disorders that affect aging population, see e.g. iStem4Life™ project

In vitro diagnostics (IVD) and (bio)MEMS

Assay development

We are happy to work with third parties on new assay design and development, through our consultancy business model, see Services

Microfluidics for single cell analysis and discovery of biomarkers

We have know-how and capability to design and development microfluidic networks and bespoke devices for IVD and Out-of-The Counter test applications.
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Cell culture & growth

We have know-how in cell cultures and growth developed in collaboration with our scientific partners and collaborators, and are keen to support feasibility studies and test applications in drug screening and experimental therapeutics.
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Smart bioSensors and Wireless Wearable device (SW²)

Our companion wireless wearable device technology allow us to monitor people 24/7 to detect falls and other events that may require intervention or remote diagnostics and therapies.
To know more see Patch4Life™ project

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